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Introduction to Map Collector

Map Collector is a game about riding around on trains to collect train timetables. In the game, the timetables are referred to as "maps". When you start a new game, you need to choose which place you want to get maps in.

In the game, you have one game month to collect all maps that exist in the game. There is one map for each train line that exists in that place. The length of one game month varies for each place, but is usually between 2 and 10 minutes. You can find maps both on train lines and at stations. You have a higher probability of finding the map of a certain train line on that line or at a station where that line stops.

When the game month ends, you need to collect all maps all over again, but you can still see your previous achievements by expanding the "Your old maps" view or by clicking on the Statistics button in the toolbar.

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Going to another station
Collecting maps
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