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Collecting maps

On the left side of the game area (or above the game area on mobile devices), there are three views:

The number next to the title of the view is the number of maps in the view that you (or your opponent in the case of the last view) don't have yet.

By default, Available Maps is expanded on all devices and Your Maps is expanded on desktop devices. To collapse or expand one of these views, click on the title.

To collect a map, click on it in the Available Maps view. It will then appear in the Your Maps view, which shows that you have collected it. If the map that you are looking for is not in the Available Maps view, you need to go somewhere else to find it.

If you are looking for a map of a specific line, it's possible to find it anywhere, but you are most likely to find it either on that line or at a station where that line stops. The maps available at a specific station or on a specific line are changed each game month. This means that if you go back to a station you have already been at this game month or if you ride a line that you have already ridden this game month, the maps that you will find will not be different than the ones that were there last time you were there.

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