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Going to another station

To go to a station, click on that station. You can only go to a station if there is at least one direct line between your current position and the station you want to go to. If there is no direct line, you can't go directly to that station, you need to go to another station first to change trains. For example, in Denver, if you want to go from Littleton-Mineral to Westminster, there is no direct train line so you need to first go to Union Station (on line C) and then go to Westminster (on line B).

If there is only one train line between the station where you are and the station where you want to go, this line is automatically selected and you will be taken to the station where you want to go by simply selecting "Go". However, if there are several lines that stop at both stations and that go different ways, you will need to choose which one you want to take. To do so, you will get a dialog like this:

Line choice window

Simply click on the line you want to take. Usually, you will probably want to take the shortest line, but if you already have the map for the shortest line but not for the other one, you might want to take the other one, especially if you're playing with money. In the example above, in New York, you're at Fulton St and you want to go to Borough Hall. Line 2 is shorter so that's the one you would usually want to take, but if you already have the map for line 2 but don't have the one for line 5, you might want to take line 5 instead.

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