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Two-player games

Starting a two-player game

In order to play a two-player game, you must have an account. When you're logged in, select "Two players" under "Number of players" in (3) in the image below, and then click on the place in which you want to play in (1) in the image below.

New Game window

When you click on a place after having selected Two players, you will see a window where you need to select which user you want to play with. To start a game with a certain user, click on the "Play with this user" link below their name:

Window for starting a two-player game

When you initially open this window, it will show you a list of your contacts. When you first create an account, your list of contacts is empty. In order to add a user to your list of contacts, you can search for their name in the search box on the top of the window, and click on the "Add to contacts" link under their name. You can also play a game with someone who is not your contact by searching for their name and clicking on the "Play with this user" link below their name.

Common reasons why you can't play with a certain user

You can only play with a user if they already have the Map Collector homepage opened in a browser which supports two-player games. Additionally, especially if they left the page open for a long time, users will sometimes have to refresh the page in order to be able to play two-player games (both to send and to receive invitations).

Rules for winning two-player games

As for single-player games, you can choose whether you want to play a two-player game with time or money (you do that the same way as with single-player games before you send an invitation to the user you want to play with). However, in two-player games, you never run out of time or money. In order to win a two-player game with time, you need to collect all maps before your opponent collects all maps, and in order to win a two-player game with money, both you and your opponent need to collect all maps, and the winner is the player who spent the least money.


If you often play two-player games with a specific user, you can add them to your contacts so that you don't need to search for them each time. To add someone to your contacts, go to the user list, search for a user and add them to your contacts.

Notifications in the Android app

If you're logged in in the Android app, you will get a notification when someone wants to play a two-player game with you. If you don't want notifications, you can disable them in Settings > Apps and notifications > Map Collector > Notifications. You can also disable notifications only from people who aren't in your contacts.

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