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Why is it called "Map Collector"?

The Map Collector "maps" represent timetables of specific lines. So why is it "Map Collector" and not "Timetable Collector"?

I got the idea for making Map Collector because I collect timetables in real life. For example, here is my "map" collection from Denver:

In real life, I call these timetables "maps". The reason for this is because I have five different "map" collections (you can see this as that I collect maps in five different Map Collector places). Four of these collections are timetables just like in Map Collector, but one of them is a collection of actual maps of public transportation in the Paris region. Here is one of these maps:

As you can see, the main purpose of this is to be a map, so it's natural to call this a map. These were the first maps I started collecting, and when I started collecting timetables as well, I called them maps too. The "maps" you can collect in Map Collector are the timetables, and not the actual maps, but since I just call them all "maps" in real life, I call them that in Map Collector too.

To finish, here is a picture of my entire collection of 851 maps and timetables:

From top left to bottom right: buses in the Paris region, trains and buses in Skåne (only the trains are in Map Collector), trains in the Paris region (the same ones as in Map Collector), trains and buses in Denver (only the trains are in Map Collector), maps of Paris and its close suburbs.

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